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We'd like to thank everyone who attended our Pilot Presentation this past Thursday night. We had an amazing event fully supported by the Town.

The Event

We started our night off with a chill happy hour with drinks provided by Crooked City Cider. Folks played foozeball, jenga and chatted it up with our talented cast and crew before the screening.

Then, we headed over to The New Parkway Theater for the show. The theater was packed with people who were already lined up to purchase tickets for the second screening we announced. Oakland luminaries like Erk Tha Jerk, Pendarvis Harshaw, and Lukas Brekke-Miesner were in attendance as well as our two co-stars of the pilot, Joshua Neal and Bankh Akintunde and co-creators Theo Hollingsworth and Obatala Mawusi.

The screening got huuge laughs. The overwhelming feedback we received was that Oakland needs a series like "Clouds" and that they were impressed with the high quality of work we presented. Our team was honored to hear such high praise for our work from the people we intended the project for!

We wrapped up our screenings with a Question and Answer session moderated by Leon Sykes. We also gave out some gift certificates from one of our sponsors, SoleSpace.

Lastly, we headed back over to Crooked City Cider's tasting room for an after party with all our guests where we turnt up and networked with all our enthusiastic supporters.

What's Next??

We can't thank everyone enough for coming out to see or premiere. We have a lot further to go if we want to see "Clouds" become a reality. In order to achieve this goal we're going to be shopping the project around to production companies and networks for sponsorship. You can help by sharing our content with your networks and spreading the word to anybody that you think would be interested in helping us get it produced. You can check out our work on our website, or on our FaceBook at


We won't be releasing the pilot online, but we will be having upcoming screenings in the next few weeks. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram @cloudstheseries for more details on future screenings.

Finally, if you would like to see our pilot episode screened for an organization you represent, please email us at We're happy to help host screenings in and around the California area or send your team a private link for viewing!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You and stay tuned for much more!

Team Clouds

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