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Meet The Creators Behind Clouds The Series in Google Hangout!

Join our creators Theo and Obatala tomorrow night April 25th at 6:30 PM in a Google Hangout where they'll be talking with the awesome tech organization called HBCU To Startup! Their mission is to connect experienced professionals, new grads, and students from HBCUs to opportunities at tech companies and startups. This is an organization that aligns with Clouds' mission of exposing people of color to opportunities in technology.

This will be the first live opportunity that we've had to discuss our project, our amazing team, and all the hard work and community support we've garnered along the way! Please join us so you can get your first peak into the minds of the creators of this Oakland based series. The hangout is just a few days away from our screening which you'll also get a lot more exciting details on! You can register here now to attend the Hangout.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Peace, Love, and GO Dubs

Team Clouds

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